Art Versus Life is an original dramatic musical based on Degenerate Artists (as labeled by Hitler) in 1930's Berlin. How can forbidden love, music and art survive in a Bohemian world turned upside down? The creative spirit will always triumph in turmoil.

Art Versus Life is an original musical based on real people and events; the Degenerate Artists, during World War ll. Imagine living in a world where jazz music is forbidden, where an artists creativity is always in question. Nazi Germany targeted not only the Jews, Poles, gay men and women; but also musicians and artists. Anyone not complying with the laws could be arrested and sent away to concentration camps. This musical touches on many issues that are still prevalent today. This a new significant work that dares ask the question, "How far do you go for love and for your art."  ART VERSUS LIFE - A MUSICAL PALETTE.