The Artists Bio: 

Bert Anderson and Dolly Coulter are both long standing members of SAG-AFTRA/ AEA. They have worked in Theatre, Television, Film, Radio and the Music Industries. 

Bert and Dolly have created, several musicals; “Back Up the Legendary Musical” a story about the backup singer/dancers for Maggie Joseph (the legendary star of stage and screen) whose passing has left a hole in their lives and bank accounts. “Back Up” was produced as a workshop, running one week with Nevada Performing Arts Society and Thomas Gallagher. 

“Death Is A Drag!” is a hysterical musical wake for a famous drag queen who has died suddenly and has come back to her/his wake to right a few wrongs and go a little Bettlejuice on the family and friends. The show was fortunate to have premiered to a sold out, standing room only audience at the Inspire Theatre, Las Vegas in August 2015. They remounted the revised version for Bally’s Windows Showroom in February 2017, including two hilarious original songs. The most recent version of “Death Is A Drag!” had a very successful 4 week run, with the SST Studios: In City Series, October /November 2019. The show was voted one of the Top Five shows to see in Las Vegas. "Glitz, Glamour and Disco will never die." 

 “Art Versus Life A Musical Palette" is their newest work.  This is a love story about three artists "degenerate" as Hitler named them and set in 1937 Berlin, Germany.  These brave artists in the midst of turmoil and oppression created beautiful, yet forbidden art and found forbidden love.  The subject matter is timeless. Censorship and oppression is still very prevalent today. Innocent people are still being persecuted for their sex, race, sexual orientation, political and religious beliefs.  “Art Versus Life A Musical Palette” is a combination of  “Cabaret”,  “Sunday in the Park With George” and Tim Burton. This will be a significant theatrical work in the very near future. 

“Bixby’s Tails” was an original Children’s radio series for KLAV radio Las Vegas for 13 weeks. We created the scripts, voiced the zany characters, composed and performed the music. 

They collaborated briefly with Pam Goldberg on the “Mad Melly Series” composing a few songs, characterizations and are published authors. 

Bert and Dolly have worked with some of the biggest stars in the world including:

Barbra Streisand, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Jennifer Hudson, Juliet Prowse, Jason Alexander, Bob Newhart, Tom Hanks, Jane Powell, Dustin Hoffman, Tommy DeVito, Debbie Reynolds, Sergio Franchi, Bob Hope and Leonardo DiCaprio to name a few. 

Bert and Dolly are bringing new and original works to life.