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"Being dead before the show starts doesn't stop the central character of "Death is a Drag" from having a lively role.' 

"The show takes place at the wake for a drag queen, and his spirit is there, but only the audience can see him," said show co-author and performer Dolly Coulter. "None of the other characters can see him. It has musical numbers in it, but it's mostly a comedy farce. It's sort of a cross between 'Blithe Spirit' and 'The Bird Cage.' " This is the third play Coulter has written with her co-author, Bert Anderson Jr. Previously, they worked on "Back Up The Legendary Musical" and "Art Vs. Life," which Coulter described as a romantic drama.  The pair met while working on the Strip at the Court Jester's Stage in the Excalibur. Anderson was a puppeteer, and Coulter sang with several musical groups on the stage. The pair have continued to act separately and together over the years at venues including Super Summer Theatre and "Tony N' Tina's Wedding" dinner theater. Coulter also performs with local music group Killian's Angels, an all-female, Celtic-influenced band. 

They said they write in parts to keep themselves on the stage. "The way the business is, if you're not a 20-year-old showgirl or a circus performer, there's nothing here for you," Anderson said. "This is a debut show, but we hope to bring it back as a regular show somewhere on the Strip. We're also looking at New York, L.A. and San Francisco." 

The show is an original production locally produced with local performers. Coulter and Anderson have been working on the show for a while and are putting it on as a four-wall production, meaning they are essentially renting the theater and handling production costs and sales. They're also paying their actors, which is not a given in small Las Vegas productions. They're taking care of just about everything but writing the music, which Coulter said consists of songs from old movies...

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Claire Voyant's article about Dolly Coulter and Bert Anderson and the show.. 

Death Is A Drag!, a new comedy with music, will be premiered on Friday, August 28th at the 150-seat Inspire Theater in downtown Las Vegas. The plot of Death is A Drag!, created by Dolly Coulter and Bert Anderson, revolves around a wake for an unforgettable drag queen, and the crazy family and friends who come to pay their last respects. Death is A Drag! Have a Laugh. Have a Cry. See Death is A Drag!

I laughed, I cried, it was Cattier than Cats. MEE-OWW!”

— Sara Tonin - The Weekly Drag

Vous allez rire votre tete! (Translation: You'll laugh your head off!)”

— Marie Antionette

Yeehaw! This here show is a smash hit waiting to happen. ”

— Jim-Bob Hooten (Dolly's Plumber)